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The Mechanicsville Drug Store was founded in the 1930s and the present store was built in 1957 by Jay T. Thompson and represents well the story of the first apothecaries. It is a family run business in the second generation owned by two pharmacists, Tommy Thompson and his sister Alice Parsley who know everyone who comes into the store. An early morning visitor at 7:30 am will be greeted by the smell of bacon and eggs from the breakfast/lunch counter and find the regulars starting to gather to discuss the latest news. Local politics is often the first topic of discussion and the place is often visited by county politicians. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, one to welcome the visitor from the elements. Shelves are lined with over the counter medicines and healing herbs. Gifts and things of interest line the store. An old telephone booth where you close the door is an interesting feature. In the spring you find tomato plants for sale at the entrance, a copy machine for walk-ins and a drive through for those that don’t.

The outstanding feature of this hometown drugstore is that you come for healing medicines and advice. Instructions to speed your healing and comfort come with your purchase. Tommy and Alice know you and want to see you well and your smiling face. The right purchase for an aching back or sore knee and all that ails you is dispensed with dedication to a community for which they are its face.

If you come to town, stop in at 8077 Mechanicsville Turnpike 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM M-F, 8:30-6 Sat, 11-6 Sun

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Mechanicsville Drug Store

Mechanicsville, VA