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Water is the Source of Life and Health!

What is water? Water is Life, These are Water Facts

Health begins at the cellular level. If certain cells are not healthy then illness is expressed at the body level. There are two basic reasons that any group of cells are not healthy. Either they are missing an essential element or there is something present that is toxic to them. Therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals can remedy missing elements. Finding toxic elements takes detective work but there is one thing all diseases have in common. Poisons build up in the body. If there is to be a complete cure, the body must ultimately heal itself. The right treatment may only nudge it in the right direction. So how does the body rid itself of poisons? One of the most effective methods is the body dilutes poisons and flushes them out with fresh water. We Americans are notorious for showering often, even daily. But what do we bathe our internal organs with? Most often it is coffee, soda, and alcohol but rarely fresh water. Could you imagine showering in diet soda each morning? Yet that is how we treat our internal organs. Fluids alone cannot accomplish the same cleansing action as fresh water. Modern medicine focuses on the 20% component of the human body which makes up the solids. Yet water is the 80% component and plays an active part in body chemistry.

Medicine from a bottle cannot replace proper diet and exercise. For good health and long life begin the habit of drinking 8 glasses of fresh water each day. Work up slowly and your thirst mechanism and water appreciation will return. If you don't trust your water or don't like the way it tastes, or haven't had it tested in 2 or more years call us. Pure water is the cheapest medicine you will ever use.

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Life and Health

With the advent of modern medicine in the early 1900's many people abandoned the older remedies for treatment of illness. A change in thinking brought us to the belief that one could take a pill to cure any illness. Science was charged in finding the specific chemical. Much of the research with highly purified compounds led to a cure of a number of infectious diseases. But the treatments of the chronic longer term illnesses like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, heartburn, ulcers etc. were far less successful. Many of the compounds used have serious side effects. The "cure" for cancer has now become even more feared than the disease itself. Modern medicine uses everything from radiation, to surgery to powerful drugs that make your hair fall out. The immune system is so buffeted by deleterious compounds that the patient can barely hold on.

Heart disease is treated the same way. Angioplasty, bypass surgery, stents and blood pressure pills leads to walking basket cases of drug interactions, long recuperation and back through the cycle again. Arthritis, obesity, allergies, Alzheimers and other old age infirmities have flummoxed even the best practitioners.