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The first English town of Virginia dates to 1609 with the founding of Jamestown. Since then towns have sprung up throughout the Commonwealth. Some have grown to large cities in the ensuing centuries and others have been abandoned. Each town has common elements which help establish it as a central place of business hence the businesses of a town define it. A country store for supplies is often the first establishment, followed by a bank, a saloon or inn and a place for herbs and medicines, known as apothecaries. An iron monger or blacksmith settles at a river ford. Favorable water flow for a mill may have dictated the location of the first business establishment to later become a town. Most Virginia towns are railroad towns, no matter how remote.

This page is dedicated to the old apothecaries of Virginia and to the modern pharmacies and drug stores which evolved through them.  The business which has remained closest to the roots of any town is the independent pharmacy establishing a place of healing, medical advice and gathering for the townsfolk. Who remembers the Rexall Drug Store with the soda fountain of their youth? The pharmacist is the quintessential business man, educated in his profession and learned by desire the ways of business who experiences first hand the ups and downs of the town folk.

Independent Pharmacies of Virginia

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The important role that independent pharmacies play in the health and well being of the families of every town.

February 2021 - Mechanicsville Drugstore

Oakwood Scientific Laboratory has partnered with independent pharmacies for more than 30 years