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Legionella bacteria live in the soil and gets into wells, hot tubs, A/C systems, humidifiers, showers, any wet area. Infection by inhaling infected droplets in showers, fountains, pools and more. Cost  is $125 each. Bacteria are enumerated in sample. Testing nursing homes, assisted living, schools, hotels long term care facilities for Legionella risk assessment.

Legionaires Disease - Lung Infection

The pneumonic form requires hospitalization and has a 10% mortality. A non-pneumonic form  of Legionella is called Pontiac Fever resulting in flu-like symptoms of fever, headache, myalgia that last 2-5 days then subsides. Water testing can determine risk of acquiring water borne disease.

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We provide convenient and quick water testing results.

Legionella Testing Lab

We are an independent water testing laboratory, solving your water problems. We do not sell well water treatment equipment.

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