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Shelf life of purified water?

Bacteria, yeast, mold, algae, water clarity affect water storage. Tap water contains low levels of many types of microbes. Bottled water can be made free of all contaminants with the right water treatment. Water quality is also affected by water bottles, water filters, water dispenser and water cooler. Water purification is accomplished by multiple layers of water treatment during production for the best bottled water.

Water Quality

Artesian water, spring water, well water, distilled water and municipal water can be purified for long term storage without affecting taste as in chlorinated water. Half of all Americans are drinking some bottled water. Unlike tap water, best bottled water is sterile.

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We provide convenient and quick water testing results.

Bottled Water Testing Lab

We are an independent water testing laboratory, solving your water problems. We do not sell well water treatment equipment.

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7102 Pole Green Road

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